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The Wellness Studio

Wellness Coaching

I am self employed, and left the corporate world to follow my personal and professional dreams, which had allowed me to grow professionally and truly be involved in each of the individuals and projects I choose to work with. It ensures that I have the ability to focus more on each person and organization, their needs and goals rather then focusing on the bottom line.

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As an entrepreneur, my experience within the field of business marketing / human resources and manual therapy /clinical practice is drawn upon every day. When I work with you, or your organization, I ensure that we review your needs, goals and objectives before we begin. This ensures that we have a respectful and valued relationship, ensuring that we can work together to exceed your goals.

My team brings experience in the following areas:
  • Business Marketing for Manual Therapist, Spas and Clinics
  • Website Design
  • Payroll and Benefits administration
  • Human Resources policy development
  • Compensation Plan design and implementation
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Financial Services
  • and more... 

Contact me directly to set up a consultation or for more information on how we may be able to assist and coach you in the growth and management your business, or spa and clinical practice.

Business Coaching Sessions:

  • One on One Coaching Session

~ 1 hr Session $150 / hr 

  • Unlimited Coaching - $1000 / yr

~ Provides unlimited access for coaching for 1 year!

~ Face to Face Conference Calls to explore your business challenges

~ Weekly Email Support 

  • Focused Coaching - $6000 / 6 mons

~ Provides focused coaching sessions for you and your business ~ time to dig in!

~ Face to Face Conference Calls to explore your business challenges

~ Unlimited email support