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The Wellness Studio

Tarynco & Co Services

Manual Therapy Elements

Many extended health & benefit plans cover Alternative Health Services such as Manual Osteopathy and other manual therapy services such as Orthopedic Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Thai Hot Stem treatment, Muscle Therapy and Health Coaching. Please consult your extended health provider for details of your plan and ensure your benefit coverage.

Skincare Elements

Whole body wellness is more then jus taking care of one part when there is an injury, or ache. Our skin creates a barrier and protects us from the world. Take time to schedule your Skincare Assessment and Body Sugaring treatment.

Business Elements 

Part of our passion is sharing, learning and growing! Whether at your appointment with your therapist, or as part of a training event, wellness extends to everything we do! And taking care of those needs to help sustain us are just as important and vital to our success as the other elements in your life. 

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