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Raindrop Therapy

 This is an essential oil massage technique based on Lakota Native healings. Raindrop Therapy is the application of powerful antibacterial, antiviral oils along the spine.

Raindrop Technique was developed by D.Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils, based on techniques taught to him by a Lakota medicine man named Wallace Black Elk. In Lakota Native American healing practices, healers sweep a feather upwards along the spine in imitation of the Northern Lights, which are revered for their healing energy.

Possible Benefits of Raindrop:

¨ Helps with removing Bacteria and Viruses

¨ Reduction of Pain

¨ Reduction or elimination of backache

¨ Reduced Inflammation

¨ Helps realign the spine

¨ Improved Circulation

¨ Relieves Stress

¨ Relaxation and invigoration

¨ Improved Immune Function

¨ Can help with the release of Negative Emotions

The Essential Oils used are:

Oregano (battles viruses), Thyme (anti-viral), Basil (muscle relaxant), Wintergreen or Birch (bone repair), Peppermint (topical analgesic), Marjoram(anti-spasmodic), Cypress (anti-inflammatory), and Valor. Other oils may be added if necessary for a particular condition. For people with sensitive skin, the oils may cause some reddening or excessive warming of the skin, but this can be relieved quickly and the benefits of the raindrop technique will be well worth it.